Covid 19 Links to Relevant Information and Guidance

Since March 2020 the Rail Forum has issued over sixty electronic bulletins to members with up to date information and government guidance in relation to Covid19. We have now moved all the shortcut links onto this webpage so that members can continue to easily access the most up to date information on different Covid19 topics; from government support schemes to local lockdown information.

UK Government’s Covid recovery strategy:

Our Plan to Rebuild: UK Government Covid 19 Recovery Strategy

General Business Guidance and Support

The Covid19 Business Support Helpline is0300 456 3565

Business Hub : brings together information on Covid19 into an easy to access location/format for employers.

PPE Hub : brings together all information relating to PPE; including advice for PPE requirements.

Business Support Blog : provides a series of case studies of companies who have accessed government support or who have put in place new working practices to manage the risk of Covid19

Guidance on: local restrictions/lockdowns(includes areas with restrictions in place)

Guidance on: Trade Credit Guarantee Scheme Now Live 

Guidance on: trade credit insurance guarantee

Guidance on: Export Insurance  from UK Export Finance.

Guidance on: UK business trading internationally

Guidance on: moving goods and clearing customs

Guidance on: customs authorisations 

Guidance for Staying Safe and Social Distancing

Guidance on: Staying alert (social distancing)

Guidance on: staying safe outside your home

Guidance on: FAQs what you can and can’t do

Guidance for Travelling Internationally

Mandatory COVID-19 testing introduced to bolster border measures

Guidance on: travel corridors 

Guidance on: who is exempt from border rules post 8 June

Guidance for Covid19 Testing

Guidance on: getting tested for Covid19

Guidance on testing for Covid19 for critical workers: privacy information

HSE and ORR Guidance

HSE guidance may also be useful for members.

HSE Comments on H&S Regulation during Covid 19

The ORR have also issued some advice here