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We collect, validate, monitor and analyse supplier data, to help reduce cost and risk to our network of 550 buyers and 100,000 suppliers using one online platform.

Our range of online tools and reports help your procurement, sustainability and risk teams quickly see a supplier’s pre-qualification status, and view critical documents and information relating to their standards and capabilities.

For buyers we ask the right questions for their supplier base:
– Core pre-qualification questions
We use an initial registration process and risk model to automatically segment your suppliers based on criteria that is important to you or to the community. All suppliers are asked the same basic set of questions across the board. We use data such as the products and services they supply, business locations, annual revenues, anticipated contract value or number of employees to determine their required pre-qualification path.
– Business critical questions
Pre-qualification paths range from a basic registration for low-risk supplier profiles, through to a comprehensive pre-qualification questionnaire with a one or two-day on-site audit for your most critical vendors. Questionnaires are aligned to the needs of specific industry sectors and geographies and typically cover the following business-critical areas: health and safety, quality management, ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and cybersecurity.
– Buyer specific questions

For suppliers
Our communities bring together rigorously pre-qualified suppliers with buyers working in the same regions and industries. For the buyers, that means they can drive procurement with decisions that are backed up by detailed, relevant, up-to-date information about potential suppliers – and maintain this transparency throughout their relationship. For the supplier, it’s an opportunity to benchmark performance, improve practices and deepen their understanding of their industry’s buyers.

In our communities, suppliers become more visible to buyers. And because of the data we make available, they’re more transparent too. That means buyers can make quicker, better-informed purchasing decisions.

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