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Dakota is a provider of Voice-Directed Maintenance & Inspection (M&I) solutions. Digital and fully automated, their M&I solutions direct rail engineers through inspection processes with voice commands, delivering optimised step-by-step instructions via a headset outlining which items to check, whereupon the engineer can record findings and information via voice, text to speech or image capture.

Engineers work hands and eyes free, removing the need for paper and/or screen-based solutions, helping to reduce carbon footprint. The solution also ensures compliance and delivers standardisation, provides a real time audit trail, improves productivity by up to 25% and improves accuracy by up to 99.99%, whilst also providing various health and safety benefits.

Thanks to many years of experience working within the supply chain sector, Dakota also provide the complete spectrum of state-of-the-art digital data capture products for mission-critical applications, including the full complement of printing consumables and media.

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Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd, Integration House, 10 Mercury Park, Mercury Way, Manchester, M41 7LY

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