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Dynex Semiconductor Ltd has a rich history in the design, development and production of high power Semiconductor modules and Power Assemblies.

Dynex offer a range of specifically designed devices for the traction market that provide an efficient source of energy whilst working to high reliability for long periods of time. Dynex Bipolar devices and IGBT modules are highly efficient and reduce the need for maintenance and replacement throughout their years of service.

In addition to our standard and customised semiconductor products, Dynex Power Assemblies team provide traction converter upgrade and overhaul. Dynex offer an assessment of the health of semiconductors in specific traction applications, as well as providing a feasibility report on the current availability of equivalent parts available for replacement or spare stock.

Dynex offer the following capabilities to support the rail industry;

    • Re-traction of propulsion systems
    • Converter mid-life upgrade and overhaul
    • Reliability improvements and replacement Semiconductor devices

The mid-life upgrades offer a number of benefits including; improved reliability and maintainability resulting in reduced life cycle cost, availability through lower downtime and higher reliability, and obsolescence management with a full collaborative agreement to ensure long-term UK support for spares and maintenance.

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