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Houghfold Associates Limited established in 2010 specialise in representing innovative technology businesses seeking assistance and guidance to establish market penetration. These companies are seeking opportunities within a range of industries including rail supply chain.

Among the solutions currently represented, they offer unique propositions in themselves which simply categorise as UK SMEs whose products are designed, developed, and delivered within the UK that:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Improve health and safety
  • Extend the life of machines thus improving the frequency and cost efficiency of maintenance schedules

All this has proven efficacy substantiated by leading bodies including universities of excellence

If you or your company are buyers and/or users of:

  • Lubrication products as additives or bearing technologies
  • Shoring Technologies for trenching including innovative drive over units
  • Flood controls technology for the collection and dispersal of flood waters
  • Ground Consolidation treatment either for stabilisation or in association with flood control

HFA also provide wraparound services in physical and digital security technologies

Please feel free to call as below or e mail for further info as contact details below

Talk to Chris or Karl on 0758544288 (Chris) or 07796562237 (Karl)

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Suite 1-3 The Courtyard, Calvin Street, Bolton, BL1 8PB

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