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European Metal Recycling (EMR) is a world leading metal recycler handling over 10 million tonnes (plus plastics) every year from sources such as end of life vehicles, rail, ship breaking, industrial contracts, construction and demolition. With a heritage going back to the 1950’s our continued family business operates over 68 specialist sites in the UK, with a presence globally.

We have specialist heavy lift machinery and dedicated facilities for your rail disposal requirements such as rolling stock, wagons and rail for example. We can look dispose of sensitive items, retain and return components and look to offer a re-use service for the heritage sector.

We offer national coverage for manufacturing & engineering customers, with an array of collection containers to service the many tier one & two customers in the UK Rail industry.

We have committed to an ambitious 2040 net-zero target, starting with a 10-year investment and transformation plans called ‘Our Decade of Action’. This includes switching to 100 percent renewable electricity, changing the way we work and introducing new technologies to further cut EMR’s emissions – all by the end of the decade.

For more information please contact Stephen and look to our Website and social platforms.

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