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Furrer+Frey specialise in the design and development of Electrification systems in all forms of public transport, from conventional overhead line systems to rail charge stations.

Furrer+Frey have worked on projects around the world. In the UK we have developed a range of TSI compliant overhead line systems for mainline rail including on Great Eastern Mainline, Great Western and parts of Crossrail.

In addition to our conventional overhead contact line, we developed our tensionless Rigid Overhead Conductor-rail System (ROCS) over 30 years ago. ROCS has been tried and tested in some of the most rugged conditions. Ideal for tunnels, stations and bridges. ROCS led to the development of the moveable overhead conductor-rail system (MOCS) for railway workshops and depots to ensure safe maintenance work on rail vehicles. MOCS is an overhead line electrification bar that can be retracted away, switched off and earthed. Used in over 125 depots worldwide, including the Temple Mills Depot for Eurostar and Bounds Green Depot in North London, the MOCS system has been chosen for its versatility and flexibility

With our reputation for embracing and developing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions we offer a full range of e-mobility and bi-modal transport solutions for public transport systems.

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