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Products that Power the Transport Revolution™

We build technology products that are fit for the future. We deliver our own products as well as collaborate with clients and industry partners to build highly specialised AI / machine learning systems.

The products we build help fundamentally improve: asset management, network operations and performance, track and site worker safety and the quality of passenger information within the rail and bus industries. Real-world examples include:

Intelligent Vision platform
Used by several regions of Network Rail to help reduce cost and improve safety as Network Rail adopts predict and prevent asset management practices. Currently delivering on: vegetation management, inspection and maintenance of overhead lines, identifying cess obstructions.

Real-time control room alerts when debris is detected in pantographs; preventing catastrophic incidents and serious delays for passengers.

POLER is also used to provide real-time alerts when track workers start to encroach the boundary of the safe zone of working.

Aside from our own products, we also help clients build their own technology. Recently, we developed Network Rail’s open data API for real-time lifts and escalator availability. Giving passengers the information they need to better navigate the rail network.

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