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 Oaklin is an award-winning, innovative, independent management consultancy that helps clients determine and deliver on their strategies.

Oaklin was founded to be the “antidote to management consultancies”. It was an internal joke at first, but now it’s part of our culture.  We are different because we only hire the best people, we avoid sales targets and we have the courage to be honest about when we can contribute to our clients’ plans, and when we can’t.

For over fifteen years we have delivered solutions for clients in every sector, from global multi-nationals to start-ups and public institutions.  In every assignment we draw on our broad cross sector experience to connect disruptive ideas with rigorous delivery.


What we do

 The world is constantly evolving. Whether it is new technology, new regulations, political pressures or fast changing markets, businesses and organisations must innovate to stay relevant, to adapt to volatility, and to keep ahead of the competition.

Our core capabilities include, Innovation, Strategy, Business Architecture, M&A, Commercial Advisory, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Project & Programme Management and Business Improvement. We combine data and experience to deliver rapid, sustainable bottom line improvements.


How we do it

 We are proud that everyone at Oaklin has a unique and interesting range of experience. We work in a flat structure without titles and chargeability or sales targets. Everyone is empowered to act on ideas for business growth. By removing the constraints that many consultants feel they must work within, we’ve created an environment that encourages individuality, collaboration, and creative problem solving.

Social and environmental responsibility matters at Oaklin. Whether it is running in the mud to raise awareness for mental health initiatives, promoting gender and economic equality or striving to be a carbon neutral business, we are all motivated and proud to be making a difference and finding our own ways to make meaningful contributions.

At Oaklin we make it our business to keep our thinking at the edge of the latest in innovation and we use our own established method to create new ideas and harness those of our clients.


Examples of our work

Since 2020 we have supported Network Rail, providing Commercial Advisory services. Our work has delivered over £40m of CAPEX and OPEX savings through the transformation of existing services into modern capabilities. Oaklin’s work has evolved from preparing and running tenders to strategic service reviews including spend analysis and control period planning. Oaklin typically act as an honest broker between the business, commercial and procurement and legal teams as well as with Network Rail’s bidders and suppliers throughout the process lifecycle.

Given our successful track record working with Network Rail we are keen to do more in the Rail Sector and potentially help other Rail Forum members with their biggest challenges.

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