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The safety of passengers and the compliance of railway standards is of the utmost importance in this market. Most applications demand that components must be adapted to the local environmental and operating conditions. High quality standards and continuous developments ensure that that REO is a reliable partner within this sector.

To guarantee compliance with normal railway standards and the classification of Ingress Protection REO use the following methods:

    • In-house testing laboratories
    • Shock and vibration tests
    • Cooperation only with selected suppliers
    • FEM analysis for the simulation of environmental influences

For railway technology REO offer:

    • NTT BW – Braking, smoothing and filter resistors
    • NTT – Mains chokes, motor chokes, interference chokes, absorption circuit choke, EMC chokes, dv/dt chokes, AC/DC chokes
    • RFI filter, sinusoidal filter, harmonic filter
    • NUT – inverter transformers AC transformers, power transformer, HF transformer, current transformer, special components for energy generation
    • NPT – test chokes for load test of frequency converters
    • REOLAB mobil – mobile power supply for the railway industry
    • REOLAB – test equipment for duration and function tests


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