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Robert Bird Group (RBG) is a global consulting engineering firm with 200 staff in the UK.

We offer consulting engineering services across five disciplines, drawing upon our international expertise:
• Structural Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Construction Engineering & Temporary Works
• Geotechnical Engineering (UK & MENA)
• 4D Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
• Pre-Construction Solutions

At RBG we believe passionately in integrating engineering design excellence with construction and delivery expertise to achieve significant benefits for our client, notably those related to cost, programme and risk. Globally collaborating to address projects at a local level, we can quickly assemble teams of engineering and related professionals from our offices worldwide. Committed to continual improvement, we can be relied upon to suggest alternatives to commonly accepted practices. Our ability to fully understand the perspective of the client, the architect and all involved in the project team has resulted in award-winning designs and projects. To this end, we are early adopters of new technology, whether it be for engineering analysis, design, documentation, or communication. For the client, it is an inspiring combination of reliable experience and unexpected passion.

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47-51 Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0BS
+44771 846 2229

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