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At SIS we have extensive experience in undertaking a variety of structural inspections and surveys.

We also offer emergency callout services covering bridge strikes and accidents. Our engineers are able to report findings using an array of systems including SMIS, AGILE, BRIDGE STATION, and BCI Databases, along with comprehensive PDF/ CD-ROM-written reports accompanied by AutoCAD defect drawings.

At Structural Investigation Services we operate and maintain a vast fleet of in-house testing equipment and undertake various steel, masonry and concrete testing regimes in accordance with approved British Testing Standards. Our in-house technical procedures ensure clear and precise data is obtained and interpreted to the asset’s owner.

We cover all aspects of investigations and monitoring within the structural, civil, geotechnical and environmental sectors. We also have the capability to undertake prolonged and repeated investigations/monitoring as well as structural assessments and modelling.

As part of our full asset management services, SIS are able to undertake any maintenance and repairs that you require to your assets. This can range from one-off specific aspects to full remedial and maintenance solutions.

Our professional teams at SIS are fully trained and experienced in the use of a wide range of specialist access methods.

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