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TTG Technology (Europe) Limited (often called ‘TTG’) is a software company dedicated to the rail sector. It provides Driver Advisory Systems (‘DAS’) for all types of passenger and freight rolling stock. TTG is credited with bringing the first DAS to market in 2010 and still works in partnership with the University of New South Wales where the first algorithms were created. TTG has deployed it’s core DAS product, known as ‘Energymiser’, across multiple markets especially the UK, France, Australia and now deploying in Eastern Europe, North America and India.

TTG’s DAS is the most sophisticated tool available for optimising driving behaviour in order to minimise energy consumption whilst still achieving right-time running. Recent investment in a C-DAS solution that connects to live traffic management systems has allowed TTG to achieve another industry first:- real time train connection opening up significant opportunities for safer traffic flow especially with tight train schedules.

TTG is based in the UK and is owned by Modaxo which is a global organisation made up of software companies dedicated to transportation. Ultimately, Modaxo is part of Constellation Software Inc which is the world’s 8th largest software company.

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