East Midlands Engineering Firm Plans for Expansion

Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of hose and engineering solutions to rail, undertakes an exciting expansion and market growth strategy.

Established in 1995 by Managing Director – Julian Davies, Flotec is a trusted supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline solutions to an eclectic mix of industries.

In recent years, the company has become known for its hose and engineering service provision to rail, whereby the company delivers its offerings to a wide variety of train fleet operators, rolling stock leasing companies, track maintenance machines and OEM new builds.

The Flotec vision is to introduce genuinely innovative solutions to the rail market rather than replace like-for-like engineering applications, typically prone to failure between scheduled fleet overhauls.

Five years of R&D, testing and trialling witnessed the group introduce a Variable Pitch Fan product to the rail network where in 2020, the innovation went live as a first full fleet installation.

The Flotec Variable Pitch Fan reduces ‘Return to Idle’ (RTI) engine complications for DMU train fleets thus, reducing train down time whilst ensuring fleet efficiency and reliability.

With an ethos focussed upon innovation and additional market penetration, Flotec has introduced a new range of train fleet battery charging units to the rail industry.

Julian comments: “This is a new venture for Flotec and an exciting chapter in the company’s history. We identified a gap in the market and developed a light weight, mobile charging unit, utilising the latest electronic technology, with additional controls and safety features. We have had a fantastic response, and have already received substantial orders for delivery early this year”

During these troublesome times, 2020 saw the demise of a trusted battery charging manufacturer Prepair, who had been the ‘go to’ supplier for many years, within the rail network.

Julian explains: “With up to five hundred of these tried and tested battery units in operation, it was imperative that this product continued to receive maintenance support within the supply chain.

Whereas other suppliers have attempted to utilise alternative repair components, we acquired the assets and technical information and all necessary parts, which have been proven to work incredibly well.

From this investment, during the first quarter of 2021, Flotec will offer repairs and overhauls to the same exacting standards and specifications of the original supplier.

Flotec’s new battery power solutions, combined with existing charger service and repair, enables rail companies throughout all segments to create better journey times by increasing network capacity, improving reliability, and making the rail networks more efficient and sustainable.

Julian Davies – Managing Director for Flotec Industrial Limited




Notes to Editors:

Loughborough based Flotec Industrial Limited has been supplying hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to both rail and wider industries since 1995.


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