Diamond Rail Services: NEW BRAND, NEW BEGINNING

Diamond are proud to present our new brand ‘Diamond Rail Services’. Over the past two decades we have consistently delivered on our proposition when undertaking seating projects. We have been developing and have now perfected a range of complementary service offerings.. Our new brand is to better showcase this!

Whilst we will continue to offer our specialist seating services we are now launching Diamond Interior Services to meet all your possible rolling stock and accommodation refurbishment needs. We are also able to offer turnkey engineering and maintenance services sourcing, manufacturing, installation, certification, and asset management, including labour supply.

Find out more about all our capabilities at our new website www.diamondrail.co.uk A new service that we are extremely excited to offer is Diamond’s ‘Front of House’. A team of qualified assessors can provide a comprehensive assessment of physical assets from a customer’s perspective. Inspections can be at any frequency required by your business needs and within defined inspection criteria. We are also able to audit customer experience services such as call centres, websites and any customer facing technology and interactions.

Examples of how we could help your business with our ‘Front of House’ services include:

• Complete Service Quality Regime, across train and station assets and customer experience delivery.
• Covid secure status and compliance
• Consistent and customisable reporting to internal and external stakeholders
• Increased NRPS results
• Dilapidation savings.

Jenny Dempsey Business Development Manager said: “I am so excited to be able to offer the Front of House service to maintainers and travel providers. The aesthetic engineering and customer Experience is something I am so passionate about and honestly believe improvements can be made whilst saving the operators money in the process. From several advanced discussions on this we are confident and excited that this is a real asset for rail and ultimately the customers”.

Our growing team has a wealth of experience, not only in engineering, logistics and project management but in customer service and delivery for the Railway. Please get in touch today to discuss any project or customer needs.  jenny.dempsey@diamondrail.co.uk



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