Loram UK signs partnership with Ford & Stanley

LORAM UK, a leading rail and rolling stock maintenance specialist, has partnered with talent services experts Ford & Stanley Group as it begins a major recruitment drive in 2021.

After securing a number of long-term contracts, the Derby-based company need to significantly boost its workforce, but said it wanted “more than just a recruitment company”, and after a long tendering process chose Ford & Stanley, which provides a complete suite of talent services, including recruitment, onboarding and ongoing performance improvement coaching.

Paul Cunningham, Loram UK’s Director of Vehicle Systems and Services, said: “We wanted to move away from transactional recruitment to a long-term partnership with a firm that shares our values and understands where we are and what we are about.”

Loram UK – a subsidiary of the global, US-based firm, is looking to boost its workforce after increasing its order book by around one third.

Mr Cunningham said: “We are about to embark on a number of long-term contracts as well as a long-term project and of all the companies we spoke to regards finding the right talent, Ford & Stanley came forward with the most innovative solutions, as well as ones that were aligned with our values.

“Our biggest asset is people so finding the right partner to provide us with the right people was essential. They are a similar size to us, so you are assured of that personal touch, and trust also plays a vital part; when you pick up the phone you need to know they are receptive to your needs rather than focussing on targets and financial side of things.

“We felt Ford & Stanley understood us and were able to provide us with the top talent we need.”

Loram UK offers a complete range of rolling stock engineering, maintenance and restoration services, based in the RTC Business Park in Derby.

Choosing a local firm – Ford & Stanley’s head office in on Pride Park – and therefore also at the heart of one of the key UK rail hubs, was also important, he said.

Peter Schofield, Chairman of Ford & Stanley Group, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Loram UK – like us they are a progressive company, understanding the value of people and that recruitment doesn’t just end at the front door – to get the best from people it’s an ongoing process and we will support Loram with our complete suite of talent and performance services.

“As 2021 gets into swings, so many firms are getting on with it despite all the talk in the media around recession; behind the scenes there is a determination to push forward and Loram UK is an excellent example of that sentiment.”


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Pete Schofield, Chairman, Ford & Stanley Group

Paul Cunningham, UK Director of Vehicle Systems and Services, Loram UK

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