Fishbone awarded TRIG 2021 ‘Future of Freight’ Funding

Fishbone have announced that they have won funding for a Freight Wagon Condition Monitoring Trial (FWCOMS) through the Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG 2021). The trial falls into the first of three challenge areas ‘Future of Freight’, ‘Maritime Decarbonisation’ and ‘COVID19 Recovery and Resilient Transport Systems’.

The project is a collaboration between Fishbone and MoniRail, and is focussed on the application of remote condition monitoring approaches for freight wagons to identify and monitor both train and track faults, which enables the application of predictive maintenance approaches for both freight vehicles and track.

Fishbone is an engineering transportation solutions provider led by innovation and new possibilities in data technology. MoniRail is a spin-out company from the Birmingham Centre for Rail Research & Education (BCRRE). Its focus is on commercialising an in service train data analytics platform coupled with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that enables continuous monitoring of track and train.

By understanding the harmonic profiles of freight wagons, the condition of systems, components and track can be determined and used to predict failures before they cause safety issues and network delays. It will also enable our customers to reduce the cost of maintenance by allowing the wagons to be maintained on condition, rather than by traditional time or mileage-based intervals.

“We’re really proud to have been selected to join the TRIG 2021 cohort to pursue a project that we’ve been so passionate about developing. The support from the DfT and Connected Places Catapult will be vital in further proving the concept, productionising the sensors and demonstrating the wide range of both safety and operational benefits our system can enable.” Stephanie Coates, Head of Product Engineering at Fishbone.

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