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On 29th October 2022, Network Rail will be introducing the NR/L2/OHS/003 regulation to prevent the increasing problem of workforce fatigue within rail staff, operations teams, third-party contractors, and their supply chain.

Fatigue management along with an effective way to mitigate the risks, has been a major issue for decades. With rail industry compliance looming, it is vitally important to understand how to proactively monitor fatigue and how to implement a fatigue management plan which complies with the updated regulations.

Weston Analytics have developed Fatigue360, a unique fatigue risk management system which allows all rail operations affected by NR/L2/OHS/003 to plan and manage working hours, travel, and rest periods around work shifts. Fatigue360 allows organisations to actively monitor and manage the fatigue of their workforce through the following:

  • Scheduling and rostering shifts
  • Identifying competencies and behaviours within job roles
  • Bespoke contract management
  • Real-time shift and worker planning
  • Reporting and monitoring worker activity
  • Shift allocation
  • HSE scoring with fatigue and risk indexes automatically calculated

To ensure compliance with the Network Rail Fatigue Reduction Standard, Fatigue360 provides a risk management approach when a number of working conditions are exceeded such as:

  • Total hours on-site
  • Total door-to door time
  • Total hours across a rolling 7-day period
  • Total shifts across a rolling 14-day period
  • Health and Safety Executive Fatigue and Risk indexes

Giles Peacock, Commercial Manager for Weston Analytics said “We know that fatigue compliance is a massive issue in the rail industry. Many workers are reluctant to report actual hours for fear of not being paid as expected. We know from our research that 37% of rail workers* work more than 50 hour and feel overburdened with work. In an industry, where safety is a number one priority for the wellbeing of workers, fatigue is a huge risk.

Fatigue management is not only about rostering and scheduling people into work, but a preventative tool to ensure the safety of workers. Fatigue360 accurately reports actual hours. Often the reality is that fewer hours are worked as planned, meaning staff are eligible to work subsequent shifts.”

At Weston Analytics, we pride ourselves in providing data driven solutions to make a positive change to business. We have a dedicated team of IT professionals and developers with a strong understanding of rail, construction, and infrastructure services.  Fatigue360 has been developed in-house after consultation with our clients to meet the needs of fatigue management.


For more information about Fatigue360 please visit: https://westonanalytics.com/fatigue360-fatigue-management-system/

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*All facts and figures relating to rail industry fatigue, rail incidents and accidents are based on data from the Rail Accident Investigation Board (RAIB). This information is in the public domain and available via internet searches.

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