DRB Group announce next stage in investment

Building on our continued growth, DRB Group are pleased to announce the next stage in investment.

To enhance our expanding business, meet the challenges faced by our customers, and the growing complexities of the projects we are involved with, DRB Group continue to invest and grow the capabilities to accommodate these demands.

We are therefore excited to have taken delivery of two new CNC machines over the last few weeks.  The machines invested in are the Doosan VM 750L and Doosan Puma SMX 3100. The SMX 3100 has the additional robot module that automates the loading, on and off, of components into the machine. This will streamline and automate the manufacturing process.

Providing high-tech machining capabilities

The investment of the Doosan VM 750L replaces existing aged machinery. This places DRB in a much more efficient, safe and effective operating position. The 3 axis (with an additional, after market 4th axis) CNC milling machine, referred to as a multi-axis, will increase production efficiency, by providing high-speed manufacturing and increased production accuracy.

The benefits of the VM 750L will enable us to work to greater accuracy and reduce downtime. Breakages and repairs, with our previous older machines were increasing in frequency and becoming an on-going issue. With our growing production and expanding project complexities, this was unacceptable for DRB’s growth and supporting our customers. The VM 750L will be an excellent addition to DRB’s capabilities.

Placing DRB Group at the forefront of machining technology

The SMX 3100 is a CNC mill-turn machine, which integrates the capabilities of a vertical machining centre and horizontal turning centre into one platform, offering significant automation capabilities.

Not only does the SMX 3100 have the ability to Turn and Mill in the same setting position, but with the added robot module that DRB have invested in, it will allow projects to be automatically machined.

This will lead to reduced operator labour time and increased production efficiency and the ability to monitor and plan production scheduling.

DRB are constantly striving to improve the working environment for employees. In addition to the added capabilities, the machines provide improved safety features, including the LEV units for metal working fluid vapour.

The Doosan VM 750L is now fully commissioned, which is great news for us and our customers. The SMX 3100 is currently being installed with final commission due next week, which will then be followed by the installation of the automated robot module.

Meeting the challenges of ever-complex production requirements

DRB’s CNC machining investment provides huge opportunities to meet the growing requirement for more complex engineering solutions. We know our customers need to push for more efficient and productive operations. With the new investment of our Doosan VM 750L milling machine the SMX 3100 mill-turn machine, alongside our existing in-house milling, turning and fabrication facility, DRB can take on the most complex engineering projects.

DRB provide complete turn-key engineering solutions

Our support and expertise start from the initial stage of a project. Our in-house production and design engineers work to understand the needs of our customers, to develop practical engineered solutions to meet the operational objectives.

The industries DRB support include pharmaceutical, rail, food and beverage, energy from waste, chemicals, and construction.

The continued investment in both engineering expertise and production capabilities enables DRB to be at the cutting-edge of operational developments to provide cost savings, reduced production downtime and continued operational efficiencies.

To find out how DRB Group can support and develop your production operations, contact us now or visit us to discuss your challenges and see our production capabilities for yourself.

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