AEGIS launches new R&D and Innovation section

AEGIS is proud to announce the formation of an R&D and Innovation sector within its railway
business that will provide new services and value streams for our clients.

With this initiative, AEGIS is positioning itself at the forefront of Innovation with the vision of being a key contributor to improving the future of the railways.

As part of the IKOS group, AEGIS will benefit from the specialist knowledge and vast experience of the IKOS Lab in research, development and innovation.

Mark McCool, AEGIS Managing Director said: “At AEGIS we continually challenge ourselves to provide the best solutions for our customers. This new RD&I initiative will take ideas from the best consultants in the industry and form them into products and services that will improve the lives of all those affected by railway transportation.”

Giacomo Bersano, IKOS Technical and Innovation Director said: “We strongly believe that innovation is a key to solve future challenges of our society, and IKOS Group is the unique spot joining best practice for innovation management and railways expertise. “

Mario Ramos Garcia, AEGIS R&D and Innovation Lead concludes: “We are very excited with this R&D and Innovation initiative to position ourselves as a key player for the future of the railway. We will seek partners and add value to our services to be the perfect company to work with and to work for.”

AEGIS’s new R&D and Innovation offer covers five service areas, with additional plans to build further internal capabilities with a new Innovation lab.

These five services will benefit from partnerships with the industry and academia, as well as the hand in hand relationship with the IKOS Lab.

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