Rail Infrastructure Monitoring Trial Begins

Belvoir Rail is proud to collaborate with Northern Trains and Network Rail as part of an Intelligent Train makeover project which will use automated remote sensing technologies to map the railway network.

Belvoir Rail has supported the scope, design and supply of infrastructure monitoring equipment that has been fitted to a Northern Trains unit. The technology, which includes thermal imaging, acoustic monitoring, LiDAR and radar scanning, AI cameras and a G-Shock Bogie sensor have been installed on a trial Class 150 Unit.

The captured data will help to build a more comprehensive picture of the rail infrastructure landscape, giving better insight into the condition of railway assets and environment and reporting on issues that could have an impact on operations.

Using a combination of technologies, the capture of intelligent data will allow railway operators to better respond to maintenance requirements and deliver smarter and safer ways of working.

James Brown, Managing Director at Belvoir Rail said “ this is the start of an exciting trial and we are delighted to be working with industry partners to deliver a better, more reliable and responsive railway”.

The data captured during this proof of concept trial will support the benefits and business case for further roll out of the scheme.

The trial concept train will operate services across the Northern network, including Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire, over the next three months.

Northern’s ‘Intelligent Trains’ programme is being delivered in partnership with Network Rail, Belvoir Rail, Yellow Rail and Modux.

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