RSK company works with BBC in support of Children in Need on a sustainable build

ZED, an RSK company, has been involved in producing an energy model and Part L compliance verification for a new sustainable construction project by the hit BBC show DIY SOS. The company’s involvement will ensure the structure meets Part L of the building regulations, which is concerned with the conservation of fuel and power.

DIY SOS is a show centred around helping transform houses across Britain. Nick Knowles and his team worked with BBC Radio 2 presenters in September to build a new home for a Leeds-based charity that works to support women and girls. This project is part of the Children in Need 2022 campaign, in which the team helped set up a new site for the charity Getaway Girls in just nine days.

Zoe Ball, Jordan Turner, and Jason Richards

Left To right: Zoe Ball (BBC Radio 2 Presenter), Jason Richards (ZED) and Jordan Turner (ZED).

Getaway Girls empowers young women and girls by growing their confidence and helping them support each other. The charity’s new home was built in Seacroft by the BBC team and has:

  • counselling rooms
  • a garden
  • offices
  • activity spaces
  • a creche
  • a music and media studio

Sustainable and healthy buildings

Zero Energy Design (ZED) is a sustainability consultancy firm. It was chosen to support this venture because of its expertise in the green energy and building simulation sector. ZED has worked on a number of diverse building projects and has a proven track record of reducing carbon footprints and championing healthy building standards.

Healthy buildings focus on wellness and the wellbeing of the people who live, work and learn in a space. The aim is to make sure the environment is safe, healthy and sustainable. ZED’s work is focused on driving building solutions that centre around harnessing and maximising opportunities for free sources of energy, such as heat, light and air. As a result, this helps the environment and creates designs that are as comfortable as they are cost-effective.

ZED has previously worked with DIY SOS on a big build in Blackburn. This project provided accommodation for the charity Nightsafe. ZED is honoured to be involved once again with this great opportunity to support local charities.

ZED with DIY SOS team
Left to right: Chris Frediani (DIY SOS), Billy Byrne (DIY SOS), Julian Perryman (DIY SOS), Jordan Turner (ZED), Jason Richards (ZED), Gabby Blackman (DIY SOS) and Nick Knowles (DIY SOS).


The build took place from Tuesday, 13 September to Thursday, 22 September. Watch the project on DIY SOS Children in Need special.

RSK group is proud to be home to a wide range of sustainable businesses.

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