Paragon strengthens its commitment to sustainability with Ember bags launch

Paragon, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cleaning products, has today announced Ember, its new range of eco-friendly refuse sacks designed for the transport sector. Available to purchase from June, the initial range consists of four 100% recycled clear bags, and one 97% recycled green tint bag.

The preliminary Ember range consists of:

  • 90ltr medium duty clear refuse sack 10kg – ideal for litter picking
  • 90ltr heavy duty clear refuse sack 15kg – ideal for litter picking, public bins and train vestibules
  • 140ltr heavy duty clear refuse sack 15kg – ideal for public bins and station platforms
  • 140ltr extra heavy duty clear refuse sack 20kg – ideal for high traffic litter picking and public bins
  • 140ltr heavy duty green tint refuse sacks 18kg – ideal for public bins and recycling

The new range of recycled refuse sacks not only helps the transport sector to become more sustainable, but also offers cost savings, reflecting Paragon’s commitment to offering products that benefit both the planet and its customer’s pocket.

With 50% of the plastic waste used to create the bags collected from local supermarkets and the remainder being from across Europe, Ember is contributing to the circular economy without adding any extra costs or compromising on durability and quality.

Furthermore, the production facility is fully self-sufficient as its solar panels generate 120% of the energy needs, with the surplus 20% helping to power over 900 homes. The factory operates with zero waste, and its water recycling process helps to keep costs down while being environmentally responsible.

Paul Urquhart, Managing Director at Paragon, said: “At Paragon, we put sustainability at the forefront of our operations. That’s why we’ve developed Ember, our new range of eco-friendly refuse sacks. Ember not only helps you reduce your ecological footprint, but also offers cost savings. This innovative range reflects our pledge to offering our customers a sustainable basket that doesn’t cost the earth.”

The launch of Ember marks a key milestone in Paragon’s ongoing sustainability journey. It compliments its existing portfolio of products, which includes rail approved cleaning chemicals, consumables, and equipment, and it reinforces Paragon’s commitment to the environment.

This commitment is underpinned by a series of internal and external initiatives that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and includes setting targets to reduce single-use plastic and achieving net zero in 2024.

Furthermore, Paragon has held the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO:14001, since 2020. This achievement further demonstrates the company’s dedication to responsible business practices and environmental stewardship.

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