ERCI Webinar | Digital Twins for the Exchange of Railway Infrastructure Data

Date(s) - May 15 2024
10:00am - 11:30am


  This event will take place online.

What to expect?

Digital twins are enabling remote monitoring, analysis, and prediction of our physical world to improve efficiency and predict maintenance. Data sharing mechanisms are now enabling connected digital twins achieving a greater level of decision-making capability across whole organisations, networks, and supply chains.

This session explores what current approaches exist to solve and then scale best practices, presented by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Based in Sheffield and a member of the ERCI cluster Rail Forum, the AMRC is a UK research and development specialist focused on translational research supporting future manufacturing and the digital transformations possible backed by the UK’s innovation agency, UKRI.

VisionIT, a five-year-old start-up and a member of the ERCI cluster ARUS, specializes in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to boost operational efficiency and sustainability in the railway sector. Having implemented Digital Twins in numerous projects over the past three years, our presentation will explore their transformative impact, particularly how they facilitate real-time analytics for enhanced decision-making and asset management. They will discuss their practical applications in monitoring health status, enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), and supporting Circular Economy models, highlighting how Digital Twins drive innovation and provide a competitive edge.

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