Latin American Infrastructure: Sustainability, Prosperity and Innovation

Date(s) - March 5 2024
4:00pm - 6:45pm

KPMG, London E14 5GL

Development of sustainable transport infrastructure is key to Latin American prosperity. Revitalising the region’s weak transport network – in which a majority of roads remain unpaved, urban centres suffer severe congestion, rail density lags behind other developing regions, and growing demand for aviation is straining existing airports – is critical to drive productivity, growth and social integration; but is estimated to require additional trillions of US$ by 2030, if Latin America is to meet its Sustainable Development Goals.

Closing that gap will require both investment and innovation. In some areas, Latin America’s immense infrastructural investment potential is already on show; its innovative ports are amongst the world’s best-performing, and new and ambitious rail and aviation projects are already improving connectivity and capacity.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have gained traction in Latin America as one of a suite of funding sources, allowing governments to procure and deliver public infrastructure projects, while capitalising on the resources and expertise of the private sector; while a UK-Peru government-to-government infrastructure agreement, launched in 2018 and renewed in 2021, has laid down a blueprint for future endeavours of its kind.

Meanwhile, as several cities across the region are breaking ground on brand new or expanded metro systems, and megaprojects like the Mexican Tren Maya reach their destinations, it appears the role of rail in fulfilling Latin America’s sustainable development ambitions is being recognised. International finance and expertise in rail, from the likes of the UK, Japan and China, is delivering new gains for overland mobility in cities and beyond.

This conference, organised by Canning House in partnership with KPMG, examines how transport infrastructure can help deliver sustainable development and prosperity in Latin America.

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