Product carbon footprint – what is meaningful?

Date(s) - May 29 2024


  This event will take place online.

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Product carbon footprint – what is meaningful?

Join our webinar on May 29, 09:30 CEST

Now that sustainability is both a social imperative and a regulatory requirement, understanding the product carbon footprint is becoming increasingly crucial. Join Katarina Wising, SKF Sustainability Manager, as we delve into why recognizing their importance is essential for the rail operators and beyond. This session will shed light on the evolving landscape of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and the impact of regulations on sustainable practices.

Learn how SKF is navigating this landscape with precision and innovation, employing advanced data-driven strategies to assess and reduce environmental impacts effectively. This webinar is an opportunity to see how SKF’s commitment to sustainability is not only about adhering to standards but leading the way in making meaningful changes.

Sign up and prepare to:

  • Discover why understanding product carbon footprints is gaining importance across social and regulatory spectrums.
  • Unravel the role of EPDs in setting new benchmarks for sustainability.
  • Gain insights into SKF’s strategic approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Engage with the broader implications of our internal sustainability initiatives for the rail industry and beyond.
Katarina Wising

Speaker: Katarina Wising, Sustainability Manager Industries and Services, Railway

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Embark on a journey to understand why product carbon footprints are at the forefront of sustainability discussions in our industry. Katarina Wising is ready to guide you through.

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