Railvolutionary webinars – Axleboxes – Designing the difference (SKF)

Date(s) - April 24 2024
9:30am - 10:30am


  This event will take place online.

The journey from traditional axlebox designs to today’s innovative solutions represents a significant stride towards enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of rail operations. This evolution underscores the critical role of axleboxes in improving bogie performance and reducing environmental impact, illustrating the complexity behind what might seem like a simple component.

Discover the transformative impact of advanced axlebox design, led by SKF’s Laurent Brissard. This webinar will guide you through the nuanced advancements; from historical perspectives to SKF’s forward-thinking design philosophies.

Reserve your spot to:

  • Explore the evolution and importance of axlebox technology
  • Understand how weight reduction and design innovation contribute to performance
  • Gain insights into SKF’s approach to sustainable and efficient design solutions
  • Learn about the broader implications of axlebox advancements on rail transport

Speaker: Laurent Brissard, Sales Support-Business Development & Product Line Manager at SKF

Register now and join us with Laurent Brissard and the engineering team on April 24 for an engaging session that promises to deepen your understanding of railway engineering and its future directions.

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