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Within Amaro we have the capability to deliver both survey’s, design and build of Signalling, E&P works & M&E works and hold a Principal Contractors Licence with Network Rail. Our signalling team is made up of both New Works Testers (TIC’s), G110 Testers, SMTH Testers and fully trained and qualified Signalling Installers.

The signalling team can deliver various types of new works schemes including signalling interlocking works, conversion of Level Crossings and track circuits through to conversion of point machines and Axle Counter upgrades. The signalling team also have vast experience in LED Signal Head Conversions, Clamplock’s and Point Machine Renewals, Signal-Box Life Extension works, Wire Degradation removal works, FDM Renewals, Enhancement Schemes,
Location Case and REB manufacturing, Signalling Enabling Civils Works through to Signalling Design works.

The E&P & M&E teams have the skills, capabilities and experience to deliver new Class II Signalling Power Supplies systems including associated PSP’s (Principal Supply Point), Points Heating, Buffer Stop Lights, Walkway Lighting, various types of Earthing & Bonding works, traction bonding, M&E Depot works, Station Lighting through to Shore Supplies.

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