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eviFile is a UK-based digital project management platform, tracking process improvement, engineering assurance, maintenance and operational compliance, that is already providing significant benefits of up to 20% efficiency improvements.

eviFile provides a business, its asset owners, engineers, project managers and assurance professionals clear visibility into every aspect of project or programmes operational delivery and maintenance. This delivers demonstrable, evidence-based actionable intelligence in real time to allow management by exception, mitigate risk and ensure compliance in every aspect of a business operation.

eviFile can be configured for rail, renewables, utilities, construction and other significant schemes or business delivery to quickly and accurately capture field data, digitally with mobile devices, aggregate data from a variety of sources, and create tailored reports to provide a golden thread of information for all stakeholders, onsite, in the back office or in the management and assurance chain. Clients include Network Rail, Alstom, Transpennine Route Upgrade, and SPL Powerlines. For more information, visit www.evifile.com

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