Derby University Surveys Small and Medium-Sized Businesses that want to Improve their Automated Business Information Systems

Is your business performance suffering from information overload or disorganisation?

The University of Derby is gathering data from a range of businesses to understand how industrial automation could be better-designed to improve business performance and support green growth.

Researchers at the University of Derby and ERDF Low Carbon Business Network are considering ways to automate both the gathering and interpretation of performance data in SMEs.

SMEs wanting to become smarter and greener can complete this anonymous, very short survey, which will allow academics to gain an understanding of their information management requirement.

Rail Forum member, Qinesis is conducting this survey for the University of Derby.

Find out more about Qinesis, here.

Read about the University of Derby’s Low Carbon Business Network.

Read about University of Derby researcher in Sustainability and Business Operations, Dr. Bruno Gallotta, here.


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