Mobility Industries – Innovation Challenge Programme

Our friends at the Midlands Aerospace Alliance are working with partners in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) area to pilot an “innovation challenge” programme.

You are invited to a new event at Innovation Birmingham, in Aston, on the morning of 25 Nov, to discuss some of the challenges faced by what are called the “mobility industries” (automotive, rail, aerospace, motorsport). The MAA is asking local companies to present their ideas for potentially solving these challenges.

The 25 Nov event takes up the theme of “electrification,” one that is relevant to all the mobility industries in different ways. But they’ll be just as interested to hear about your solutions to other industry challenges.

GBS LEP will be offering expert support to help develop interesting ideas and has also made a small grant pot available!

The MAA is working on this pilot programme with partners from a range of other business sectors.

For more information click here []. Click APPLY at the bottom right of that web page to see some of the challenges identified so far. If your idea fits a different challenge select “Wildcard!”

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