As the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow comes to a close, Rail Forum Midlands’ (RFM) is delighted to launch it’s Route 2 Zero Programme.

Elaine Clark CEO of RFM said; ”Whilst COP has set the scene we all know that it has to be just the beginning of our collective commitment to achieving net zero. Net zero isn’t just for COP, it’s not just a short-term campaign; we need to embark on effective long-term change. The UK government has made it clear that public procurement will be used as a key lever to drive carbon reduction and clients across our industry are already incorporating net zero related criteria into their contracting strategies. As always, our members are at the heart of what we do and we want to ensure that we support them on their journey to net zero. We are therefore planning a series of events and activities that will run throughout this next year to help ensure they are able to grasp this latest challenge”.

The Route 2 Zero Programme will launch in January with support from government. Following an initial online event for members there will be monthly events on specific topics including showcasing what companies – large and small – are already doing. There will be other supporting activities throughout 2022.

“We are particularly keen to showcase what SMEs are already doing to reduce their environmental impact” says Karen Jackson, of RFM. ”Any SME member who would like to share their achievements to date can contact me to be included.”

The Route 2 Zero programme will be overseen and further developed by RFM’s Future Supply Chain Advisory Group which focusses on how RFM can best support suppliers in the short to medium term.



About Rail Forum Midlands:

Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) is a national industry body with strong regional connections including supporting the nationally and internationally important rail supply chain cluster across the Midlands; RFM has over 300 members providing products and services across all aspects of the industry. RFM actively supports the national rail agenda and strategy, encouraging collaboration, promoting members’ capabilities, leading a number of regional skills initiatives and supporting innovation and export priorities. RFM is owned and governed by its members with a Board drawn from member companies.


For further information contact:

 Elaine Clark – CEO


Karen Jackson – Programme Delivery Executive




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