Rail Forum Midlands Appoints Young Persons Ambassador

Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) is delighted to confirm the appointment of Harry Burr, CEO of Sustainable Transport Midlands as their “Young Persons Ambassador”.

Elaine Clark, CEO of RFM said; ”Following Harry’s recent interview at our Annual Conference it was obvious that he is a force of nature! We had lots of positive feedback from members and we were keen to explore how we could build on a relationship which all started with an exchange of emails a year ago. I am delighted that Harry will be our Young Persons Ambassador providing a valuable insight from, and for, the next generation. We are very mindful that his studies come first so his role will be limited to just a small handful of meetings or events a year.”

Harry Burr, RFM’s Young Persons Ambassador and CEO of Sustainable Transport Midlands said;  “I’m proud to have been appointed Young Persons Ambassador with RFM. Not only will it do great things for Rail Forum Midlands and their Future Talent Advisory Group, and general relations with younger users of the railway, but the relationship will also support Sustainable Transport Midlands and it’s connections with the rail industry going forward, as well as it’s ongoing effort to build a team of volunteers, and no doubt support my personal career development. I’m really looking forward to working with RFM in the future!”

The Young Persons Ambassador role will provide an input to RFM’s Future Talent Advisory Group which focusses on schools and education engagement with the objective of attracting a more diverse group of young people into the industry. Harry will also attend a couple of meetings and events each year to update RFM and its members on his wider campaigning activities and to discuss sustainability in public transport.



About Rail Forum Midlands:

Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) is a national industry body with strong regional connections including supporting the nationally and internationally important rail supply chain cluster across the Midlands; RFM has over 300 members providing products and services across all aspects of the industry. RFM actively supports the national rail agenda and strategy, encouraging collaboration, promoting members’ capabilities, leading a number of regional skills initiatives and supporting innovation and export priorities. RFM is owned and governed by its members with a Board drawn from member companies.



 About Sustainable Transport Midlands

STM is a Midlands-based transport campaigning and lobbying group for this generation, by this generation. From Leicester to Luton and Cambridge to Crewe, they campaign within the East and West Midlands, as well as some bordering areas, while being based in Northampton, East Midlands. STM campaign for infrastructure improvements such as new stations, new bus routes and services, and other service improvements across the industry. Their mission is to make transport environmentally and economically sustainable in the region in which they operate, and make sure it’s accessible and inclusive. https://transport-mids.com


For further information about RFM contact:

Elaine Clark – CEO            elaineclark@midlandsrail.co.uk


For further information about STM contact:

Harry Burr – CEO                harry@transport-mids.com

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