Trough-Tec System’s Green Trough product achieves Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) status

Part of the Hird Group, Trough-Tec Systems (TTS) was established in 2012 to supply Green Trough, an environmentally friendly cable management system manufactured from 100% recycled polymer to the UK and European rail industry.  In addition to this core product range, and in response to clients’ needs TTS have consistently designed and introduced innovative products including an elevated system for Green Trough, composite replacement lids for existing concrete troughs, and safe, anti-slip walkways.

The TTS ethos is simple: provide sustainable world-class products and service. TTS’s product portfolio reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability, and whilst the eyes of the world are on Glasgow and COP26, their sights are firmly fixed on constantly improving their own eco-credentials.  They do this to ensure that the supported clients use TTS in the knowledge that they are being helped to achieve their own decarbonization goals.

Having already achieved ISO14001 across the site the latest step in demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability is in receiving confirmation that TTS products now carry the globally recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD ®).  This is an international system that provides “transparent, verified and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products and services”.

Driven by their Australasian partner, TufDuct, achieving EPD is a milestone in their collective journey to do all they can to help clients achieve the safest, greenest and most cost-effective railway that we can.

Reaching this major milestone is also testament to the product itself: manufactured from 100% recycled polymer over 4,000 tonnes of recycled household plastic waste is used to make Green Trough in one year.  As the railway and construction industries are actively looking to use more non-cementitious product, Green Trough not only provides benefit as a green product in its own right, it is also contributing to an array of efforts to make the circular economy a reality, and help the overall supply chain get closer to reaching Net Zero.

Originally established to help improve access and efficiency in rail maintenance and track infrastructure, TTS is increasingly being called upon by road, civils, and utilities firms to allow quick, easy installation of cables, wiring, and pipes without the hassle of seeing a site criss-crossed with deep excavations.

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