Midland Main Line (MML) Phase 3 Electrification Programme

Following the Briefing Event, Network Rail wish to invite market feedback from suppliers in relation to the proposed procurement for the MML Electrification Programme and ask suppliers to complete a Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ) using MS Forms.

The key objective is to test and validate the proposed delivery, commercial, procurement and contracting model with a view to refining the procurement strategy for MML. Instructions on completing the MSQ and important background information to the MML Electrification Programme can be found in the attached MSQ Preliminary Information.

Network Rail ask that prior to completing the MSQ to read the Preliminary Information along with the MML Market Briefing pack, and watch the video provided to ensure you have all the requisite background information. Please respond to the questionnaire by clicking on the following link on MS Forms, https://forms.office.com/r/xDCZ9mi1YF . All responses to the MSQ must be submitted by 17:00pm on 8 July 2022 to ensure that your feedback is considered.

If you have questions specifically related to the scope presented at the Market Briefing Event, please ensure these are categorised using the below headings against each question, and send them through to rchauhan@networkrail.co.uk.

  1. Supplier Organisation’s Key Details
  2. Delivery Model
  3. Procurement Model
  4. Commercial Model
  5. Contract Strategy
  6. Other

All questions must be submitted by 17:00pm on 1 July 2022. Please be aware it may not be possible to provide a response to all questions, however, any responses given and associated questions shall be shared with all suppliers for the purpose of transparency.

A copy of the slides can be found here: MML Market Briefing pack

More information can be found here: MSQ Preliminary Information

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