Twinfix case studies – Gerrards Cross, Headstone Lane and Tunbridge Wells Station

Twinfix have supplied modular polycarbonate panels for use as rooflights in many railway stations and depots for more than 30 years.

Twinfix have published two case studies of their work during the past few years:

  • Gerrards Cross and Headstone Lane
  • Tunbridge Wells Station
Gerrards Cross and Headstone Lane

Gerrards Cross Station is a fantastic example of one of the nation’s historic stations. Built in 1906 as part of the Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway it has recently undergone a series of upgrades to improve the station for passengers.

As part of a £2.4m Railway Upgrade Plan investment by Network Rail, the following areas were refurbished:
• Full replacement of the platform’s canopy – ensuring passengers are protected from the weather
• Installing lighting throughout – making the station safer and more secure
• Re-roofing of the main station’s roof
• Windows repairs where necessary
• Applying fresh coats of paint to steelwork
• Refurbishment of the canopy roof

Travel eleven miles east of Gerrards Cross and you arrive at Headstone Lane station. Another of the UK’s historic stations, this station opened in February 1913 and consists of a small single storey brick-built station building adjacent to the Headstone Lane road bridge, with two platforms.
This station was also part of the Railway Upgrade Plan, with investment in the refurbishment of both platform canopies.

You can find more information about the projects in a downloadable PDF here – Case Study Gerrards Cross-Headstone Lane.

Tunbridge Wells Station

Tunbridge Wells station is situated in the idyllic town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, the present station opened on the 25 November 1846 and the right side up is Grade ll listed.

Twinfix were approached to restore the two platform canopies, with one of the key requirements being to retain the historic look and feel of the station, whilst providing a glazing solution that was high quality and safe.

In March 2021, the refurbishment was completed and 560 square metres of Twinfix Multi-Link-Panel NF glazed with Georgian Wired Polycarbonate had restored the platform canopies back to their former glory.

More information and photos can be found in a PDF here – Case-Study Tunbridge Wells

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