Hitachi work together to promote the next generation

As a company Hitachi are working to “Inspire the Next” technology or product which, in turn, will improve lives all around the world.

As part of this strategy, Inspiring the Next Generation sits at the heart of the Hitachi philosophy, and at HICSE they are delighted to be part of the new Hitachi Talent Exchange programme, with 2 new graduates from Hitachi Energy currently working alongside at their head office.

New talent opportunities are a focus in Hitachi’s recruitment strategy, together with promotion within the company to encourage staff to achieve their career goals. Hitachi also have a comprehensive training programme which allows individuals to develop their skills whilst being rewarded for the work they are doing.

By investing in the future, Hitachi are helping to support the industry and investment in talent, helping to sustain growth and development – bringing new minds, new ideas and new solutions.

Find out more about careers available -and to see our next generation at work go to:

And to learn more about Hitachi’s rail innovations please email or call on +44(0)1225 860140 or check out their new website at

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