Group President and founder of ROG stepping down

Karl Watts, Group President and founder of ROG is stepping down from his executive duties at the Rail Operations (UK) Limited Group. He remains a shareholder in the Group and plans to continue to support the company in a non-executive capacity.

Karl Watts founded the business in 2013 and led the development and growth of the Group through the past nine years. Karl’s tenure has overseen the transformation of rolling stock delivery and testing and the birth of the high-speed logistics concept. Karl also led the ROG team in the acquisition of the Group by Star Capital in 2021 and the subsequent funding of the class 93 tri-mode locomotives due to arrive in the UK in 2023.

Both myself and the Star team would like to thank Karl for his vision and tenacity in the rolling stock services market and for building a strong and professional team.

Neil Bennett
Rail Operations (UK) Limited

Rail Operations Group (ROG) provides specialist services to the rolling stock sector of the industry. Sister companies Orion and Traxion provide high speed logistics services and storage solutions to the industry.

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