At Railtex, visitors of the HÜBNER stand were presented with a fantastic little jar of honey produced by bees at their Germany headquarters! Here is the story behind their HÜBees…

In 2021, HÜBNER has located four beehives with up to 200,000 bees at its headquarters in Kassel, Germany, on the company premises behind Plant 4. “Plant 4B” was established for
this purpose, the – the beehives are labelled accordingly in the same design as other factory halls. Flowering plants are in immediate vicinity.

Already in the first year, the bees were busy and diligently produced so much honey that all employees received a small jar at Christmas time 2021. Since then, the honey of the HÜBees can be ordered in HÜBNER’s internal promotional store, to give it away to customers at trade fairs, for example. The proceeds from sales are donated to an environmental protection organisation.

The settlement of bees was inspired by the idea of a HÜBNER employee. The company beecraft, which is responsible for looking after the bee colonies as well as the registering the honey and bottling it, as well as the departments Ideas Management, Marketing and Central Building and Service Management were involved in implementing the settlement.

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