Rail Forum announces Fenix Rail Systems as new Patron member

Rail Forum is pleased to announce that Fenix Rail Systems will become our final Patron member for our 2023/2024 membership year which commences in May.

Patron membership is an exclusive level for those companies that are keen to demonstrate their commitment and support to the wider industry.

Craig Purcell, CEO at Fenix Rail Systems said: “Fenix Rail Systems are proud and delighted to have been selected to be a patron of Rail Forum. Since Fenix began its journey, we have experienced first-hand the fantastic support provided as a member. Fenix Rail Systems is a signalling technology integrator and provides rail facility train control systems to some of the largest train facilities in the country, Rail Forum have provided some amazing opportunities for us, and we are committed to supporting the Rail Forum team, bringing the Rail Supply Chain together and strengthening the message being delivered to the rail industry.”

Elaine Clark, CEO of Rail Forum said: “We are delighted that Fenix Rail Systems are becoming our eighth and final Patron for our 2023/2024 membership year. Fenix are a great example of a company that has embraced the benefits of being a member whether through regular attendance at events or by taking part in our SME Challenges and we look forward to continuing to work with Craig and his team.

“We are thankful for each and every Patron member for both their commitment to the industry and their support which enables us to do more for all our members.”

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