Innovative third generation server launched

Infotec is an original equipment manufacturer that designs, builds, tests, and distributes passenger information systems. Its products are in more than 1500 stations and vehicles across the world.

All Infotec displays are provided with a wide range of features that reduce the risks, costs, and simplify the installation, commissioning, and configuration of customer information systems (CIS). They do all this whilst providing feature rich and open interfaces.

Infotec displays are always system agnostic, which means clients are not stuck with a single control system for its lifetime, they can change the system at any point without fear of having non-interoperable displays.

As part of the continued development to meet these objectives the new IPH4 has been launched, an innovative third generation server that offers advanced features and advantages over its IPH3 predecessors.

Because the new IPH4 can still re-use existing / legacy RS485 cabling whilst providing most of the CIS capabilities of a direct IP network, the client can save a great deal of money and time when  upgrading customer information systems, and IPH4 still allows displays to be daisy-chained and used on long cables up to 1km.

With the new IPH4, connected displays work just like IP connected displays, using industry standard MQTT to enable all of this functionality over the existing cable infrastructure. For example, Infotec’s web-based back office system Javelin now provides exactly the same functionality, irrespective of how the equipment is connected, be that Ethernet, IPH4 or 4G. This means that all displays provide much more functionality, improving the customer experience.

IPH4 benefits include:

  • Re-use legacy cabling to significantly reduce install and design costs
  • Live screenshots of display content to reduce maintenance visits and costs
  • Improved security as CIS displays are not networked devices.
  • True zero configuration – (i.e. put any display anywhere – it will sort itself out).
  • No need for IP addresses or new expensive IP infrastructure
  • Works through the firewall configuration
  • System can be connect in or connect out (i.e. unidirectional Internet connection equals better security)
  • Automatic firmware upgrades and script management
  • Direct connection to any MQTT data available, for example Worldline Open CIS, Siemens SMS, Apion, and RTIG 047 protocols.

Beyond the features above, and more importantly, the IPH4 is APION enabled which allows the connected displays to link to multiple data providers using generic MQTT protocols. This is how all displays will connect in the future.

Infotec always tries to listen to its clients’ needs, and to the travelling public, to maintain focus on developments that will add value, reduce costs and deliver results, IPH4 is one of many examples of this.


Further information is available from: Sue Grief 07786 437288

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