Rail Forum joins European Railway Clusters Initiative

Rail Forum is delighted to join the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI). The ERCI focuses on bringing customers, suppliers and supply chain together across 16 countries. With an emphasis on innovation and collaboration, Rail Forum is confident its 380+ membership offers a breadth and depth of capability that will add value to clusters within the ERCI, and also provide European opportunities to our members.

The ERCI has a range of different taskforces that sit well with the UK’s innovation aspirations and all have relevance to Rail Forum members. Current taskforces include cyber security, multi modal, green and sustainable mobility, and human factors.  As a member of the ERCI, Rail Forum looks forward to supporting visits, trade missions, projects and encouraging collaboration for the benefit of members.

Dirk-Ulrich Krueger, President of the ERCI said: “We are extremely delighted to welcome Rail Forum UK as our 17th member in the ERCI European Railway Clusters Initiative. Rail Forum is the third UK cluster organisation to join our European umbrella organisation. With its 380+ members Rail Forum will significantly contribute to the total reach of ERCI to now more than 2,500 companies, public organisations, universities and research institutions in Europe. This will help to deliver our common objective of adding value for all companies and organisations organised in ERCI clusters by creating business opportunities for them and providing competitive advantage through pan-European technology transfer.”

Elaine Clark, CEO of Rail Forum said: “Joining ERCI reflects our commitment to helping Rail Forum members with their international and innovation ambitions. This aligns with our continued SME Challenges to drive innovation and forms a key step in our growing international strategy, which most recently included a signed letter of intent with the Southern African Railway Association. The innovative and collaborative nature of our members matches brilliantly with the ERCI and we are excited to work with like-minded inclusive organisations for the mutual benefit of all our member clusters. Thank you to the ERCI for the warm welcome!”

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