Siemens Mobility begins national deployment of Tended’s geofencing technology

Siemens Mobility has announced the national rollout of Tended’s geofencing technology across their business operations. The deployment follows a successful 6-month pilot in which Siemens tested the technology across different teams and work activities, ensuring its suitability for the varied and complex projects they deliver within the rail industry.

Starting with an initial pilot in Northumberland, Siemens progressed to a small-scale deployment throughout Devon and Cornwall to test the implementation of the technology into their business-as-usual processes. Following the success of this deployment and the safety and efficiency benefits that have been achieved, Siemens is now rolling out the solution nationally to bring these benefits to all areas of the business.

Siemens’ decision to deploy Tended’s geofencing technology on a national scale highlights its effectiveness in enhancing worker safety. By integrating this solution as part of their business-as-usual operations, Siemens maintains its position as an industry leader in innovation, while demonstrating a strong commitment to the safety of their workforce.

Tended continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions that leverage geospatial technology to improve worksite safety. Their geofencing solution will be used to provide an additional layer of protection for Siemens’ trackside teams as well as manage and track key assets and vehicles. It will provide full worksite visibility by showing the live location of vehicles including RRVs and trolleys, so that any unsafe events can be easily identified. For workers, it will help to ensure teams access sites in the right location, confirm they are working on the correct rail line and alert them if they stray too close to any lines still open to traffic.

Development of the next iteration of this geofencing solution is underway in partnership with the European Space Agency. This includes new features such as in-cab alerts for vehicles exceeding site speed limits or approaching points to prevent points run throughs.

Tended’s CEO and founder, Leo Scott Smith, commented on the national deployment: “We are thrilled to see our geofencing technology being embraced by industry leaders like Siemens. This national deployment marks a major advancement in railway safety and represents a significant step towards ensuring the highest levels of safety for rail workers across the nation.”

Mike Sharp, Head of Infrastructure Access at Siemens said “Following the success of the geofencing trials over the past 6 months, we are very excited to be rolling out the technology on a national level. Having worked alongside Tended throughout our previous deployments, we have been impressed with their approach to innovation and willingness to explore new ideas.

“We look forward to continuing to see the positive impact of the technology across work functions and our operational efficiency. We’re proud to say that this deployment is in line with our commitment to innovation and safety improvements, and we’re excited to see the difference
across our business.”

About Tended
Founded in 2017, Tended is a recognised innovator in geofencing safety solutions, dedicated to saving lives with wearable technology. The company combines wearable technology and behavioural science to transform workplace safety and put an end to preventable accidents and fatalities. Recognising the role of human factors in accidents, Tended develops all solutions underpinned by psychology and human behaviours to help solve complex safety challenges.

Tended invests over £2m annually into cutting-edge technology and psychology research in the field of safety to develop innovative solutions and improve safety in high-risk environments. The company counts industry-leading organisations, including Network Rail, Siemens, Story Contracting and Morgan Sindall Infrastructure as its clients that use Tended to drive safety improvements. Learn more at

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