SIMORAIL – Make an impression

With the SIMORAIL family, SIMONA has developed a range of high-performance thermoplastic sheets designed to provide maximum safety, weight savings, and long-term durability in railway interiors.

Reimagine designs and add style and dimension to traditional rail car and seat parts.  SIMORAIL sheets empower you to radically improve the appearance of your thermoformed components – from armrests to sidewalls and dividers. Developed to turn visions into reality, SIMORAIL materials bring your brand ideas to life without compromising on safety or performance.

The thrill of colour

Even the slightest differences in hue can have a significant effect. From standard whites and greys to bold accent colours – our state-of-the-art colour laboratory will help you customize your SIMORAIL sheets to match your individual color palette. Unlike metal or glass fiber-reinforced plastics, which needs to be painted, SIMORAIL plastics have integral colour throughout. The colour will never chip or fade, reducing the risk of maintenance and repair costs throughout the lifetime of the part.

The real feel

In addition to custom colors, SIMORAIL sheets are available in custom sheets sizes and a selection of different textures that give the material a unique look and feel.

Ease of cleaning

Passenger safety starts with the right material. SIMORAIL plastics provide reliable, long-term durability in areas, where frequent cleaning is required to ensure the health and safety of all passengers and train personnel. SIMORAIL sheets offer a high resistance to cleaning agents and maintain a superior surface appearance over a long period of time.

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