DB ESG’s pioneering Digital Manufacturing Service is revolutionising the UK rail sector

DB ESG, a leading provider of rolling stock engineering solutions, is proud to announce the successful expansion of its Digital Manufacturing (DM) services.

Building on its innovative work in 3D printing, DB ESG now offers a comprehensive DM service to the UK rail industry, demonstrating significant growth and development in this business area.

Since its DM journey began in 2018, DB ESG has been at the forefront of this technology, using it to address component supply issues and solve engineering problems in over 93 individual projects for 20 different customers. The company’s innovative approach has solved engineering and operational problems, enabling vehicles to remain in service and improving the overall efficiency of the UK rail sector.

DB ESG now offers an extensive range of 3D printed materials from carbon reinforced or flexible polymers to various metals. Manufacturing processes like 3D printing allow for the supply of just one unit, circumventing large minimum order quantities, removing the need for storage, and keeping costs low. Components can be delivered within days rather than the months it can take to manufacture traditionally.

Daniel Hartley, Digital Manufacturing Business Lead for DB ESG said: A clear commercial strategy was set up for DM, including 3 clear business streams: obsolescence, bespoke components, and 3D scanning. Alongside the commercial strategy, a technical strategy has been established focused on research and development into different materials, new technologies, and innovative processes. This has provided us with endless use cases and established our position as the market leader for Rolling Stock Digital Manufacturing.”

Nick Goodhand, Managing Director, DB ESG added: “We were the first in the UK to place 3D printed parts into commercial service on a passenger train in 2019. Since then, we have rapidly expanded our offering and have provided Digitally Manufactured components and services to major OEMs, TOCs and ROSCOs. From individual parts to entire fleet fitments.”

DM is the design, development and production of physical parts using computer aided processes, such as Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) and programmable CNC machines. DM is not just a way of combatting obsolescence but can be used to address component failings.

Design improvements can be made to improve the reliability and quality of parts, incorporating newer materials and technologies. We can also create bespoke components from scratch, create jigs and tooling for depots or rapid prototypes to assist larger integration projects. Our rail and rolling stock expertise ensures that our parts meet all the relevant railway standards including fire compliance and structural requirements.

DB ESG has also developed an online Digital Manufacturing Hub with a catalogue of parts. This serves as both an educational and procurement tool where parts can be ordered online.

To learn more about how digital manufacturing can help solve component issues, visit www.3dbesg.co.uk or email: 3denquiries@dbesg.com

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