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STA – Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG, renowned for its efforts in creating sustainable and responsible mobility solutions in South Tyrol, embarked on a significant project to elevate both passenger experience and connectivity aboard their train services. Their goal was to seamlessly integrate a comprehensive WLAN and infotainment system into their existing passenger information system architecture. After an exhaustive evaluation process, STA entered a partnership with a consortium comprising onway (Schweiz) ag and PaxLife Innovations GmbH. This collaboration aimed to deliver an innovative solution that would set new benchmarks in the realm of train travel.


STA’s objective was to provide passengers with an immersive infotainment experience, featuring localized content, real-time journey-specific information, and dynamic updates. The solution needed to harmoniously accommodate a diverse range of train generations, encompassing the existing Stadler ETR 170 trains as well as the newer Alstom trains. Ensuring consistent and high-speed connectivity on trains in motion, particularly in regions with varying signal strengths and at station locations, presented a formidable challenge.


The collaborative efforts between onway and PaxLife resulted in a cutting-edge solution that effectively addressed the challenges faced by STA. Leveraging onway’s advanced infrastructure, the solution included the establishment of a high-performance vehicle-to-ground connection, the provision of essential train hardware like routers, servers, the CarlOS operating system, and the implementation of an open architecture to support flexible application deployment. This architecture also allowed for future services such as video surveillance and ticketing.

PaxLife introduced their innovative railSTACK-based software for infotainment – paxCMS – as part of the solution. This advanced infotainment system, built on onway and PaxLife’s existing technology to create an innovative solution that effectively addressed the challenges STA was encountering. They leveraged onway’s cutting-edge infrastructure to establish a high-speed connection between vehicles and the ground and supplied essential train hardware required for the project. PaxLife´s paxCMS solution, with the railSTACK CloudEdge platform, enabled seamless content management, updates and playlist design, as well as the display of journey-specific Passenger Information System (PIS) content both on vehicle screens and the Wi-Fi portal.

HUBER+SUHNER played a pivotal role as the chosen supplier of essential cables and antennas for the project. They were brought on board at the project’s inception, working closely with the consortium to identify the most suitable solutions. To enhance the project’s success and meet the project’s 5G requirements, HUBER+SUHNER supplied its SENCITY® Rail MIMO+ 4×4 and SENCITY® Rail MULTI DAB+ 8-Port antennas alongside SPUMA 240 cable assemblies to connect the antennas to the onway router. As the DAB+ 8-Port antenna includes 5G, Wi-Fi, GNSS as part of its offering, it was the obvious choice to host four services within the same solution. The GNSS capabilities helped provide accurate train positioning data, while Wi-Fi enhanced the connectivity from the train to the depot and station.

Notably, the project incorporated the most advanced passive antenna available on the market, HUBER+SUHNER SENCITY® Rail MIMO+, as the solution offered the best Train to Ground data performance. These solutions collectively enhance the WLAN and infotainment system’s overall performance and passenger experience.


As a result of this comprehensive solution, passengers will soon enjoy a dynamic and engaging infotainment experience, enhancing their overall journey satisfaction. The presence of dependable VPN connections and active control mechanisms guaranteed uninterrupted and reliable connectivity. The solution is seamlessly integrated across different train generations, ensuring consistent and standardized service delivery.

The selected HUBER+SUHNER solutions are pivotal to the project’s success, as they represent the cornerstone of connectivity and performance. The consortium emphasises that HUBER+SUHNER solutions are the optimal choice due to their suitability for the project’s specific requirements. The decision to collaborate with HUBER+SUHNER was not only based on technical compatibility but also on the strong working relationship and the Swiss company’s reputation for delivering high-quality products.

Several tests have been conducted, and the results highlight the superiority of the HUBER+SUHNER solutions, reinforcing its commitment to quality over price. With the inclusion of 5G capabilities facilitated by HUBER+SUHNER antennas, passengers can expect significantly improved internet speeds, up to 100 times faster than the previous 3G setup. PaxLife’s solution for infotainment systems – paxCMS – will further enrich the passenger experience with richer content, providing real-time information and engaging features.


The HUBER+SUHNER antennas and cables have played a crucial role in enhancing connectivity, performance, and overall quality for this exciting project. Thanks to the solutions provided by HUBER+SUHNER, operators are empowered to not only addresses their immediate technological needs, but also sets the stage for future innovations, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in sustainable mobility solutions.

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