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SIMONA is a world leader in thermoplastics for demanding applications. Our semi-finished products and piping systems are designed to meet key challenges of the future.

With our SIMORAIL family, we have developed high-performance thermoplastic sheets designed to provide maximum safety, weight savings, and long-term durability in railway interiors. The products combine the benefits of simple handling and superior thermoformability with multiple design options that will transform any rail car into a genuine eye-catcher.

Specially developed to meet the exact requirements of all major global industry standards including EN 45545 and NFPA 130, our low-flammability SIMORAIL sheets also offer global regulatory compliance and superior safety when it comes to FST performance.


SIMORAIL products are manufactured under closely monitored conditions to ensure consistently high quality. The sheets exhibit an outstanding surface finish and offer extraordinary thermoforming and processing properties. Using SIMORAIL sheets, highly complex parts can be formed in short cycle times with excellent texture retention and uniform wall thicknesses. Detailed thermoforming instructions are available in our SIMORAIL Thermoforming Guide. Conventional tools work well for sawing, drilling, routing and machining the material. It can also be heat welded, adhesive bonded and mechanically fastened.


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