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UXCENTRIC specialises in designing digital interfaces for complex systems and technologies based on insights and feedback from real users.

Our passion is to empower people to do more, complete tasks simply and successfully, have a good time and stay safe.

We have a proven track record in helping industry-leading companies to deliver and enable people to have an effective and meaningful impact.

Following a human-centred process and applying established design principles, we create innovative and intuitive experiences.

The tried and tested approach draws on a wealth of experience in human factors, psychology, ergonomics, user research, interaction design and usability.

Our heritage in automotive has included working with several British luxury car and motorcycle brands. We have also collaborated on successful projects in construction, healthcare and gaming.

We look forward to successfully applying our transferable skills, using our knowledge and experience for the Rail sector and are excited about working with fellow members to make a difference.

Whether it’s driver safety systems, mobile apps or passenger information displays, we follow the same signature process and apply the same human-centred design techniques.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. We’re always more than happy to have an informal chat!

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