Rail Reform and why now is the time for a Freight Revolution

Fishbone is an engineering consultancy to the transportation industry and Rail Operations UK (parent company of Rail Operations Group, Orion High Speed Logistics and Traxion) is a train operating company.  As industry stakeholders, they have written a paper ‘Rail Reform and why now is the time for a Freight Revolution’.

The paper has evolved from their unique perspective of the rail freight industry in the UK and a joint vision that understands the sector must modernise if it can rise to the challenges it faces; to be a viable alternative to road and the first choice for all freight operational demands arising today and tomorrow.

It focuses on dynamic but sustainable solutions that can deliver increased economic, environmental and social benefit to customers and the wider transportation industry.  The paper discusses the industry today, in 5 years and 30 years and concentrates on the key priorities that would revolutionise the rail freight sector.

Please access paper here.


For further information please contact:


Sophie Johnson, Marketing Co-ordinator at Fishbone.


Camilla Mirza, Technical Programmes Co-ordinator at Rail Operations UK.

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