Hack Partners sets path for future growth with enhanced roadmap and new CrossTech brand

Company lays the groundwork for expansion beyond GB Rail to other transport
modes, geographies and asset heavy sectors.

London, UK – Hack Partners, the pioneer and leader in AI-powered image processing
software for rail transport, today unveiled a new roadmap and brand in preparation
for a wave of expansion of its solutions and focus markets. The announcement
builds on Hack Partners having proven its software platform with automated digital
lineside inspection, track worker safety, predictive maintenance, and passenger
experience solutions for Network Rail. Every day, millions of passengers quietly
benefit from Hack Partners technology through reduced delays, higher-quality travel
experiences, and improved safety.

“CrossTech’s expansion will extend our platform to additional parts of the
transportation value chain, new geographies and other asset heavy sectors,” said
Haydon Bartlett-Tasker, CrossTech Managing Director. “At CrossTech, we’re on a
mission to drive productivity and safety for asset owners through software that
reduces the cost of asset inspections and operations, and enables preventative asset
management principles to be adopted. In Rail, the technologies we’re developing
are going to deliver the next generation of rail systems for the benefit of taxpayers
and passengers. The CrossTech brand better represents the world-leading software
capabilities we deliver to our asset owning customers.”

Founded in 2014, CrossTech is an innovative UK-based technology company with
deep expertise in cloud software, AI, machine learning, and image processing.
Complementing its technology expertise and focus, the company has developed
expertise in railway technology and operations. CrossTech was recently awarded the
Digital Leaders Geospatial Winner 2022 for the best geospatial software system
across all of the UK sectors.

For more information, contact Haydon Bartlett-Tasker at hello@crosstech.co.uk

CrossTech is here.

Cutting-edge software designed to help a world on the move, move better


Editors notes:

CrossTech’s technology stack is underpinned by cutting-edge AI and image processing that evaluates millions of IoT events and images captured by asset sensors across the rail network to identify potential hazards including overgrown vegetation, hazardous species detection, signal and level crossing sighting faults to name but a few. Asset engineers and maintainers are directly alerted to the location, severity and type of potential issue based on Network Rail’s standards. This helps asset engineers and maintainers increase productivity and gain more insights into their asset conditions to prevent passenger and freight operator disruption.

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